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Shan Ying Paper Holding Cloud Printing Industry Internet


On May 5, Shanying Paper Co., Ltd. announced that it invested 150 million yuan through the transfer of equity and capital increase, and gained 69.38% of the equity of Cloud Printing Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. As early as after Shanying paper industry shares cloud printing in 2017, cloud printing began to explore the upstream of the industrial chain gradually, taking advantage of the accumulated technology to launch the micro-supply platform in March 2018. The platform focuses on the supply chain of service printing package. The reporter learned that the transaction amount of cloud print website increased from 3 million yuan per month in 2017 to 100 million yuan at present, and the number of customers increased from 5,000 households to 1.25 million, mainly providing printing and design for large and medium-sized enterprises.


Packaging is equal to an integrated intelligent solution. Shanying International is an international paper group integrating recycling, paper making, packaging, printing, trade, logistics, investment and financing, etc. It tries to become a customer-centered group through the ecological construction of various industries and the innovation of business models. A global service provider that provides a holistic solution for environmentally friendly packaging. At present, through the strategic path of industrial Internet transformation and upgrading, Shanying will transform the enterprise interior and the entire industrial chain into Internet, so as to improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, optimize the resource allocation of the industrial chain, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise’s Internet.


In recent years, Shanying has increased its investment in digital construction, and has made efforts to improve the company’s internal operation efficiency and customer service capacity through comprehensive digitization, completed the digital upgrade of paper and packaging business in 2018, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAP. Further enhance its leading edge in the digital papermaking and packaging industry. Meanwhile, the Hubei paper-making base built by Shanying in accordance with Industrial 4.0 has been built in 2018 and is planned to be put into production in 2019, and the planned packaging 4.0 plant will be built in 2019. It is planned to be put into production by 2020. According to relevant business leaders, in the future, the cloud printing platform will focus on the needs of small and medium-sized long tail discrete packaging customers, comprehensively improve the industrial chain efficiency through large data drive, utilize SAAS system, packaging professional technical services, Order integration procurement services, supply chain financial technology services and other ways to enable related packaging enterprises. In addition, after further implementing the strategic direction of the industrial Internet, the cloud printing company’s Internet + mode alliance helps all kinds of packaging companies to provide better service experience for consumers.