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A Letter To Our Employees And Partners About COVID-19


Together we are facing a truly unprecedented situation worldwide. As Cycle Link International Holdings Ltd. continues to monitor the current status surrounding COVID-19, we would like to share the steps we are taking to protect the health of our employees as well as secure our business with partners. These measures take effect on Feb. 10, 2020, and the time period will be determined after assessment.

Our actions include:

• If an employee has a cold, stay home and report it to the department head immediately.

WFH: All offices will comply with the requirements of the local government, and determine the office mode according to the local conditions, which shall be confirmed by the department head and local office head, and reported to HR department of CYCLE LINK INTL. We’ve provided related equipment and technical supports for better assisting employees working from home.

Keep communication smooth: Maintain normal communication channels (Email, Phone) within employees and between employees and customers to ensure the continuous promotion of business.

Provide protective supplies: All offices have purchased disinfection supplies for employees, such as hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and disinfectants. We require every employee to wear protective equipment at workplace. Meanwhile, all employees will receive the disposable masks that manufactured by Taison Group. If our partners are interested in purchasing the masks, please contact us for more information.

I would like to thank you for your efforts in implementing these measures. If employees have any questions, please contact your department head.

We understand this is a difficult and fast-moving time for us all, and encourage you to remain positive, calm and take the extra precautions necessary to safeguard your health and that of others. We will continue to closely monitor the progress of the outbreak to ensure appropriate action is taken and information will be provided to you in a timely manner.

Be well,

CYCLE LINK INTL Management Team


March, 2020