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Cycle Link branches



Cycle Link USA Inc. was established in March 2007 and is located in Southern California. The office specializes in the trading and logistics of recovered paper, as well as sourcing services for recovered fibers throughout the whole United States.

Besides fulfilling the needs of our own mills in China, Cycle Link USA also supplies waste paper to 3rd party clients, including mills in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and the UK.

The average export volume is 80,000 TEU per year, which is ranked among the Top 30 of United States exporters, more specifically, between No. 5 to No. 7 in the paper/recyclables industry since 2015. Cycle Link USA has built sustainable cooperative relationships with the top 10 shipping companies in the United States and is building a globally competitive modern eco-trading and logistics system.



Cycle Link UK has been operating for more than ten years. Initially, the company specialized in exporting paper and card to mills across the world, but now has become a major epicenter for Cycle Link's global logistics.

While the recent pandemic has created a plethora of issues within global supply chains, Cycle Link UK has an incredible team with many years of experience. They have continued to overcome challenges and adapt to a post-COVID market. Currently, the branch is working diligently to continuously increase their volume shipped to Southeast Asia and other countries, as well as focus on exporting to European mills supported in part with WPT.


Cycle Link Australia was founded in 2012 and is located in Melbourne. In addition to the purchase capabilities that Australia and Southeast Asia area have for our own mills, the Australian office is also responsible for third-party sales to Central and Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. 



Cycle Link Japan was established in 2012. Over the past decade, they have been dedicated to sourcing recovered paper in the Japanese market and exporting it abroad. Since that time, Cycle Link Japan has successfully joined the Japan National Paper Raw Material Association, the Export Committee, and the Exporter Society of Guangdong Business Group.

The Japanese team makes significant contributions to Cycle Link's overall company growth and volume development. The primary focus is purchasing OCC for the Shanying mills in China. Besides OCC, other grades such as OMG and SOP have become increasingly important. In 2020, Cycle Link Japan sourced and exported more than 190,000 tons of paper.



The China Office is part of the Cycle Link family. Currently, China offices are located in Haiyan, Jiaxing and Shanghai. They provide powerful professional support to the global Cycle Link teams.



WPT was acquired by Cycle Link in 2018 and is a valuable partner of the paper processing industry in Europe. They guarantee their customers consistent quality and a reliable stream of recovered paper.

Since its foundation, WPT has managed to build up a vast trading network for recovered paper and recyclable plastics on the European continent and beyond. Their direct on-site support ensures short lines of communication and rapid solutions for our suppliers and customers.

WPT trades in various secondary raw materials, and specifically specializes in recovered paper. The main focus of their business is on connecting individual suppliers to large customers or paper mills. By making these connections, they are ensuring that valuable materials are being reused.

Within this process, WPT's team ensures that all activities comply with the requirements of each European country. They also arrange the transportation of the materials in between countries.