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Cycle Link branches



Cycle Link (USA) Inc. was established in March 2007, and is based in Southern California. The office primarily handles trading and logistics of recovered paper, and sourcing services for recovered fibers throughout the whole United States.


Besides fulfilling the needs of our own mills in China, Cycle Link USA also supplies waste paper to 3rd party clients, including mills in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India and UK. The average export volume is 80,000 TEU per year, which is ranked among the Top 30 of United States exporters, more specifically, between No. 5 to No. 7 in paper/recyclables industry since 2015. Cycle Link USA has built good cooperation relationships with the Top 10 shipping companies in the United States and is building a globally competitive modern eco-trading and logistics system.



Cycle Link UK is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year (2019). Our main focus has always been exporting paper and card to China, predominantly to our own three mills. However, the current market requires us to think outside the box and expand in other areas. We will push to increase our volume shipped to South East Asia and other countries, and also give a big push on the export to European mills, by trailer, which is only strengthened by our relationship with W.P.T.


In 2018, Cycle Link UK exported 32,356 containers, compared to 37,361 containers the year before (2017). This decrease in numbers reflects perfectly the difficulties in the current market. The last stable year can be noted as 2016. Many new requirements/bans came in place, but with years of experience and a strong team, we are confidence to conquer the challenges and adpt us well in the new era.



Cycle Link Australia was founded in 2012 and based in Melbourne ever since, apart from the purchase function that Australia and the SE Asia area has for our own mills, AU office is also assigned to be responsible for 3rd party sales to mainly SE Asia countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India. 



The Cycle Link Japan branch was established in 2012. Since that time CL Japan hassuccessfully joined the Japan National Paper Raw Material Association, the ExportCommittee and the Exporter Society of Guangdong Business Group.


The Japanese team all contribute to the volume development and the growth of the organization. The primary focus has always been on buying OCC for the Shanying mills in China. Besides OCC, also grades such as OMG and SOP have become more important recently. In May 2019, 50,000 tons of material was sourced.



The China Office is the part of Cycle Link, it is a shared center, providing support for the whole overseas Cycle Link. Currently China office’s staff mainly distributed in Haiyan, Jiaxing and Shanghai, most of the employees are based in Haiyan, and a small number of employees are in Shanghai. We hope to provide the most powerful and professional support to the whole Cycle Link..



WPT was founded in 1994 and back then our main focus was on serving the markets inthe Netherlands and Germany. Since those days we have steadily worked on expandingour network. Today we buy and sell waste paper, used plastics and other secondaryraw materials throughout the whole of Europe and operate on the export marketsas well.


On August 1, 2018, WPT joined the Cycle Link family and is now part of Cycle Link’s European business unit. Currently our main focus is on the ‘domestic’ European market and on 3rd party sales outside of China. In our network of suppliers and buyers, WPT today trades about 1.5 million tons of waste paper. Our network of in-company sales representatives operating locally in the relevant countries today ensures both the purchase of waste paper and used plastics as well as their uninterrupted disposal. Our direct on-site customer support ensures shortlines of communication, and rapid solutions for our customers. We are committed to achieving further growth and to making a contribution to the future development ofthe entire Cycle Link organization.