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About Us

Cycle Link International Holdings Ltd., established in the US in 2007, is a comprehensive supply chain service provider.

With trade and logistics channels spanning across dozens of countries, Cycle Link International has established a massive global procurement system for regenerated fibers.

Cycle Link International is considered to be Shanying International's global trading arm.

Due to China's rapidly depleting forest resources, wood pulp is becoming increasingly scarce and regenerated fiber has become the main raw material for the paper industry.

To ensure sustainability within the paper industry, Cycle Link International currently has branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia. The company prides itself on establishing a global procurement system of recycled fiber that spans across all continents.

Cycle Link is a part of a massive global logistics service system with purchasing channels in 35 countries around the world. Our team has optimized the global logistics of regenerated fiber resources.

The export volume of Its United States subsidiary has been ranked in the top six of the whole country’s container export volume.

Sustainability matters.

We have taken steps to ensure we utilize best practices for papermaking and packaging.

Our company takes a holistic approach to the paper and packaging industry, localizing to each specific market while optimizing our own international supply chains.