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New Year Greetings from President Wu of SHANYING INTL (2020)


Fellow colleagues, Friends,

“Time stops for no one, and the seasons keep changing.”  When the first dawn of 2020 rises, on behalf of Shanying International, I would like to extend sincere greetings and best wishes to customers, partners, friends from both home and abroad as well as my colleagues and their families all over the world!


2019 has been a fulfilled year, and we approached it with firm determination. This year, the market was full of uncertain risks, and the downward pressure of industry continued to increase. Every Shanyinger hold fast to their positions, overcome various difficulties and challenges, accelerated the implementation of global industrial layout, and built an innovative industrial internet platform, kept reinforcing competitive advantages. Shanyingers’ loyalty, persistence, dedication contributed the extraordinary achievement of 2019. We continuously ranked higher positions in both the China Fortune Top 500 and the Global Paper Industry Top 15.


This year, Guangdong Shanying and Huazhong Shanying were launched successively, Fujian Liansheng changed its name to Huanan Shanying, and the acquisition of Zhongshan Zhongjian was completed. The Zhongjian Vietnam project marks a solid step for the packaging industry to enter the Southeast Asian market. I would like to pay tribute to everyone who fought in the construction project of Huazhong Shanying, and everyone who was running on the way of Shanying Development!


This year, Nordic Paper maintained growth in the headwinds. US Phoenix Paper produced first reel of paper in 258 days after acquisition. We directed Shanying’s version of 《The Fast and the Furious》. A massive thumb up to Nordic Paper and Phoenix, whom translated “Nothing is impossible” into reality.


This year, we launched industrial upgrading and transformation. The holding of INININ Printing enabled us to gather internal and external resources, fully integrate big data and IOT technologies, help us to realize the collaboration of entire industry chain, and ensure our leading position in the industry. Here, I want to cheer for the INININ team, this is an ambitious exploration, I firmly believe that your dream will be realized!


This year, we also moved in the new headquarters building, which is a new home and a warm harbor for all Shanyinger. This year, the digitalization of the whole group has been continuously improved, and the management efficiency has been constantly improved. This year, as a High-tech enterprises, we developed an in-depth cooperation with the Environment college of Peking University. This year, we continuously involved actively in various charities, “the angel of love”, which is one of the charity projects we participated, has supported numerous young people to chase their dreams of being doctors. The achievements were inseparable from the support of the whole society and the recognition of our customers, but also inseparable from the selfless effort of every Shanyinger.


In 2020, we will enter the final year of Shanying’s current strategy and we will start planning for the new five-year strategy. We will embark on a new journey with “start afresh” mindset. We will remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, to outline our desired development blueprint, take one step at a time, and approach our work with a firm footing.


In 2020, we aim to achieve a wider global footprint, a breakthrough of industrial upgrading and transformation. We will continuously optimize our management system, implement a more comprehensive risk and compliance management, and employee training and care will be continuously improved. We will be focusing on the industry development strategy of ““being a customer-oriented, leading global green packaging total solution service provider,” and continue to push forward in-depth internationalization, strengthen industrial chain collaboration, and build an industrial ecological platform, to create value for our customers, employees, society, stakeholders.


Great oaks from little acorns grow. Looking back at 2019, we are full of tears for our efforts, looking forward to 2020, we are excited for a better future, the times give us the best moment, Shanying stands on a new starting line! Hold our hands close to our heart,Let’s work together, with indomitable perseverance and sagacious wisdom to achieve the Shanying dream.


Finally, I sincerely wish all my colleagues and friends good health, happy family and success work in the new year!

Thanks all!






January 1st, 2020