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Cycle Link USA and WR Fibers Held the Fourth of July BBQ Event in Honor of Independence Day


In honor of Fourth of July Independence Day, Cycle Link USA and WR Fibers held a BBQ event on July 3rd. Colleagues from all departments actively participated in the event, which led to a huge success.

One day in advance, some colleagues have joined the food procurement team, and started to prepare various food for the event.

From sausage, potatoes to fish, we have all kinds of varieties to meet different food culture.


The preparation went smoothly and efficiently. In addition, it also provided an opportunity for colleagues from different departments to cooperate as a team, to better understand and communicate with each other.



Thanks for all your efforts, so that we had plenty of food and started the event the next day on time.


On the day of event, each department is considered as a group, and each group has 2 “chefs” to cook for their group members.






Many colleagues surprised us by their excellent cooking. While enjoying the delicious food, people were talking and laughing all the time. Colleagues shared more about their lives and interests, which we may not discuss or express at work.






All of us appreciated this get-together chance and wanted to capture the good moment, as you can see the smiles on our faces, we did enjoy it a lot.






To show our gratitude to the chefs, we spontaneously held a voting game——"Vote for your favorite chef”. Colleagues wanted to support the chefs from their own departments, but meanwhile enjoyed other chefs cook, which put themselves into a dilemma. Even though this is just a game, the “judges” were quite serious without any careless.




Again, we want to thank you for all our chefs, you sacrificed your own leisure time to cook for us during the intense summer heat.



Besides, we also played raffles as the winners gained themselves the tickets of AMC. William Wu from WR Fibers awarded the prize for one of the winners.



Celebrating colleagues’ birthday every month has become a tradition to Cycle Link USA. Let’s say Happy Birthday to all the colleagues whose birthday were in July.




It may because of the heat of summer, the swimming pool sounds so good to our colleagues that many of them jumped in when the event was almost over.



Thanks to this BBQ event, colleagues had a chance to relax before the holiday, got to know each other and showed their care to each other better. The teamwork we’ve done for the event will also contribute to our work in the future. Looking forward to the next one!