Business Units

Cycle Link Business Units

Recycled Paper BU


The Recycled Paper BU strives to be the premier global trading partner and service provider for customers by:

  • offering competitive prices
  • reliable resources
  • innovative solutions
  • excellent customer service

The Recycled Paper BU efficiently provides large quantities of quality recycled paper to Shanying’s paper mills, as well as continues to expand its market share. The BU continues to evolve its profit-making abilities in the face of a constantly changing economy.

Recycled Pulp & Virgin Pulp BU

The Recycled Pulp & Virgin Pulp BU has worked diligently to build a comprehensive operations system that begins with the production of original wood material and ends in the hands of happy customers.

To accomplish this, our BU has created a streamlined sales channel with employees all over the world.

Our BU also handles the replacing of the original material from virgin pulp to recycled pulp.

Our team alleviates additional pressure on our overseas factories by reducing their need for original material.

Finished Paper BU

The Finished Paper BU has worked hard to create a comprehensive global supply chain that delivers higher value grades of finished paper. The BU manages every aspect of this complex industrial chain including procurement, customs, distribution, and finance.

The products of this BU include complex paper types like wrapping paper, anti-grease paper, and 100% Kraft uncoated freesheet grades. Their annual capacity of paper packaging exceeds 2 million tons.

Their success is attributed to building partnerships with major packaging paper manufacturers in China, Europe, and the United States.


WPT was acquired by Cycle Link in 2018 and is a valuable partner of the paper processing industry in Europe. WPT guarantees its customers consistent quality and a reliable stream of recovered paper.

Since its foundation in 1994, WPT has managed to build up a vast trading network for recovered paper and recyclable plastics on the European continent and beyond.

WPT's direct on-site support ensures short lines of communication and rapid solutions for suppliers and customers.

The main focus of WPT's business is connecting individual suppliers to customers or paper mills. By making these connections, WPT makes sure that valuable materials are being reused. WPT also arranges the transportation of the materials between countries.

Bulk Commodities BU 

The Bulk Commodities BU facilitates the international trade of raw materials essential to the paper industry. The raw materials include wood chips, wood pulp, coal, and starch. Bulk Commodities is integral to the packaging paper industry chain, building a bridge between global production and international clientele.

The Bulk Commodities annual supply output of wood chips from New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, and other places exceeds 1 million tons.

The Bulk Commodities annual coal supply capacity is 5 million tons. The BU has a proven track record of success by establishing long-term and stable supply relationships with large domestic companies.

Logistics BU

The Pandemic has brought about many changes in logistics, but Cycle Link's Logistics BU has nimbly adapted, continuously finding solutions to unprecedented challenges.

The Logistics team specializes in ocean freight and trucking. They are able to leverage exceptional negotiation skills and decades of industry experience to ensure the lowest pricing for the customers.

The Logistics BU offers reliable logistics solutions with a "one-stop" approach. This means they can eliminate unnecessary costs, and offer competitive pricing. They take care of the entire delivery chain including pre-carriage, order tracking, providing delivery visibility, and electronic data exchange. They also provide plant management for optimized material flow, warehousing, and stock management.